Christabell Kadiri Our Director of Operations Welcomes You!!!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Christabell Kadiri…

I love to read and used to believe I was widely read but I am beginning to discover now that I have a long road to travel.

Books are fun, indeed they are. I mean why shouldn’t they be even, they allow us indulge our imaginations; that part of us that society and the world at large never seems to understand. Living in books with each wonderful page turning story allows us capture something new that appeals to our hearts.

Writing allows us dream and expend emotions we do not realise exist. Many writers say that they bleed on the pages of their books, and I believe them. There is no right or wrong emotion; it is just what it is – emotions, the rush of it, the outburst of its feathers, it’s beauty like the feathers of the very proud Mr. peacock.

Today and always we welcome all literary minds and otherwise to these page turners. We will do our best to not bore you, it is with this in mind we make our pledge to give you sacred reasons to come back to fulfill the longing to express all that you always had hidden in your fingertips and beautiful minds.

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