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A Letter To The World

To the gentle, I hope you never lose your chill, Even if you get pushed to the wall. To the crazy, I hope you never lose your steam, I hope you never fade away. To the inquisitive, I hope you never lose your thirst for more knowledge, I hope you never lose yourself in the […]

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In old times; Our class had a time for pottery We mixed raw clay with water and drew various shapes It blended with our skins No one stood out different I laugh when I remember times I once thought glorious Now a shame to myself I should tell you, but I won’t

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Mama Femi was dragged though the streets today Called a whore and spat on Stripped like one does a banana My compassion dwindled as mama whispered,' They'll stone you if you try ' I stood, rooted to the ground I am bitter,enraged,a tad bit sad My fingers itched to grab and scream at mama 'Are […]

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Now, I’m ready to leave my comfort zone, My bag’s ready, I look at my present self in the mirror, I think about my past, what I’ve been through, things I’ve done, My accomplishments so far, the challenges I’ve scaled through, I think about the fact that I’m gonna change a lot by the time […]

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Maybe I write from the deepest parts of me that I’m just getting to know, Maybe I write to console myself for the things I’ve missed out on in life, Maybe I write to attract my desires, Maybe i write to draw closer to myself, Maybe I write to escape from the daily worries that […]

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About Poetry Collection

I should tell you, but I won’t is a collection of poems detailing a young black African woman’s journey through life. She has gotten to experience a lot of things through her short time on the earth. She runs away from her fatherland to diaspora where she learns of their cultures and compares them with […]

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